Take control of your career with Etlia Career Radar 

Take control of your career with Etlia Career Radar 

At Etlia, development discussions were thrown into the trash can and an employee-oriented Career Radar concept supported by an external coach was developed. 

At Etlia, we decided to throw development discussions into the trash can and that’s how Career Radar was developed – an employee-oriented concept supported by an external coach. We already covered the topic in our previous blog posts, so if you haven’t read them yet, you can find them here: https://etlia.fi/home/blog-2/ 

But does our external coach Lassi Albin Viljakainen have to say about our concept? 

Lassi Albin is an entrepreneur and ICF-PCC certified management and career coach, who has also been involved in developing the Etlia Career Radar program. Lassi has impressive 3000 working hours in coaching. He has done coaching and sparring in organizations of different sizes around the world. His strength as a coach is his excellent knowledge of people, which is also one of the biggest reasons he has ended up in career coaching. 

The most important thing for Lassi as a coach is that the person being coached feels liberated, empowered, and good after the coaching session. Lassi Albin hopes that the coachee will think that they have been able to talk openly and confidentially and that they have been able to reflect on themselves and possibly make new insights. Several trainees have said that the sessions open up several interesting perspectives and ideas, which are nice to think about afterward. 

According to Lassi Albin, the Career Radar coachees have come to sessions with very open minds. He never once felt that someone didn’t want to talk or had deliberately left something unsaid. 

According to Lassi Albin, freedom and straightforwardness are definitely what makes Etlia Career Radar so special as a career coaching program. Since the program is completely new and developed exclusively for Etlia, it cannot be directly compared to the training methods used in other companies. However, in his other coachings, Lassi Albin has seen excellent results, especially in companies that are both transparent and close to the employee, so that the employee feels safe and valued. Another difference compared to other methods that Lassi Albini encountered is that Etlia Career Radar is intended for everyone, and not just for, for example, the management ladder. The fact that everyone is offered an equal opportunity increases the spirit of togetherness and the feeling of belonging in the company. 

The result of Etlia Career Radar is that everyone will get their own career development plan, which is regularly calibrated and implemented together with colleagues and the company. With Etlia Career Radar, we aim for an increasingly open and transparent work culture where everyone is allowed to pursue what they want and aim for their development results. We want to offer our employees all the necessary tools to support professional growth, as well as a safe and open work environment. We think that every person from Etlia deserves to have the freedom to develop their career individually and freely in the direction they want, receiving the support of both the company and the community for their desired career path. 

Interested in Career Radar? We will be happy to tell you more! Feel free to contact juuso.maijala@etlia.fi 

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