Let us introduce our team

We are a group of experienced data analytics consultants, working towards one goal: helping our clients to fully benefit from data and analytics technologies and digitally transform their businesses. Our team is made of solid expertise, but none of us is as good as all of us together! Get to know our team members one by one.

Raaju – better known as the Master of Automation

Raaju describes himself as a man of few words, and thus, the right fit for the Finnish society. He moved to Finland seven years ago and was joined by his wife two years ago, who was having time of her life in sunny Australia.

Raaju is enthusiastic about non-automated solutions: give him one and he will return it to you automated. Developing smart solutions around Microsoft Azure is one of his specialties. Raaju has over 10 years’ experience in Data Analytics, and he is a certified Data Engineer, Solution Architect, Product Owner and Business Intelligence Architect.

Raaju is a deep thinker and likes to analyze metaphors and draw narratives out of movies, though he agrees that simply watching the movie without further analysis is also all right. He has travelled quite much around Europe, but has then moved to other activities, such as being a full-time chef at home.

Janne is the father of anything non-SAP

Janne is originally from Helsinki and after migrating around the metropolitan area, he has settled in Kirkkonummi with his wife and two sons.

With 15 years of experience in data analytics, Janne helps clients with all kinds of Data Management challenges ranging from hands-on development to architectural planning. Looking for someone with a specific certificate? Janne probably has it. In fact, he has so many certificates IKEA ran out of frames for them.

In his free time, Janne enjoys hiking, paddling, and cycling. Janne handles Finnish, English, Swedish, and also German on a basic level.

Timo is our SAP Business Intelligence wizard 

It has been over 30 years since Timo migrated to Espoo from Savo, but you might still notice his origins in his way of expressing himself: easy-going and humorous, combined with social indirectness. 

Timo is specialized in SAP Business Intelligence and has worked in various Business Intelligence projects during his 16 years of experience in the area. Timo aims to fully understand the client’s business to deliver the best possible solution to fit the client’s needs.

In addition to Finnish, Timo speaks fluent English. Playing ice-hockey, downhill skiing, cycling, and reading are some of his favorite activities off-work. He also enjoys doing snow work, and even though you can never be completely sure of the Finnish summer weather, he does it only in the wintertime.

Juuso is the founder of this Analytics Club

Juuso would probably like to say he is from Helsinki, but we think he is not really from anywhere as he has lived in so many cities in Finland and abroad. We would say Juuso is pretty adventurous – once in his teens he flew to Oregon to live with a family that nobody knew beforehand. Luckily everything went well and there was actually someone to pick him up at the airport. Currently Juuso lives in Kauniainen.

Juuso has over 17 years of experience in SAP Business Intelligence and Analytics. Juuso is fascinated by the better decision making that utilizing analytics enables. He believes that combining the latest analytics technologies with business understanding leads to the best result. 

Playing ice-hockey and floorball, reading, and spending time in nature are some activities Juuso enjoys in his free time. In addition to speaking Finnish, English and Swedish, he also might greet you with a ‘bonjour’.

Adwin has wide-ranging expertise in SAP

Adwin was born in Manila, Philippines, and moved to Finland over 10 years ago. He lives in Helsinki with his wife and daughter and will be welcoming a baby boy to the world this July.

With over 15 years in the industry, Adwin has become a SAP certified expert in Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse. Despite his solid and wide-ranging experience, Adwin still actively seeks to expand his knowledge in data analytics.

Adwin is a gaming geek and enjoys competitive online gaming, but he also lists basketball, guitars, and cars as his interests. A while ago he would also have listed playing golf with Angelos, but Adwin decided to quit it due to him always beating Angelos. Adwin is always smiley and fun to be around, and he really enjoys spending quality time with his co-workers. Likes to sing Despacito in karaoke.

Did you lose our SAP HANA specialist Angelos? Just search where the sun is shining

The prize of the most internationally exposed consultant of Etlia goes to Angelos! He is from Greece, and has lived in Germany, Spain, Malaysia, USA, Switzerland and of course, Finland, where he lives currently with his Japanese wife. When he is not in Finland, or Greece, he is somewhere on Earth, or at least inside the atmosphere. He also owns a car in Spain, a house in Greece and a camper that is probably in Finland at the moment. Can you get more international than that? We are not going to even mention the languages he speaks.

After working for over 20 years in SAP Business Intelligence and earning a PhD in data mining, we can say Angelos is a total expert in the field. His expertise includes especially SAP HANA, but also SAP ABAP, Integrated Planning, BPS and Python.

Angelos enjoys camping, nature, water, and sun. He used to play golf with Adwin, until Angelos decided to quit after beating Adwin time after time. Angelos is devoted to fighting against global warming and is currently taking a blueprint longevity master course to maximize his chances to witness the moment of stopping climate change.