CEO’s review of Etlia’s year 2023

CEO’s review of Etlia’s year 2023

The year 2023 has already moved towards February, and we thought that now is a great moment to take a look at Etlia’s upcoming year with our CEO Juuso Maijala.

In 2022, Etlia’s financial goals were achieved and operations were based on our values

Before we turn to the future, let’s take a quick look at Etlia’s highlights from last year.

In 2022, Etlia reached many significant milestones, and the year contained many memorable events. Etlia exceeded one million euros in turnover for the first time, surpassing the goal of 1.1 million euros set at the beginning of the year.

We have acted based on our values. Above all, let’s mention our “we appreciate people” value, which is the basis of all our activities. Concrete actions in which our values were visible last year were especially the launch of the new employee-oriented career coaching program Career Radar, and the personnel offer we prepared, which will take place this spring.

In 2022, we made profitable growth, improved internal processes, and made new successful recruitments. We also managed to increase our recognition, which can be seen in the considerable growth of our Linkedin follower base.

The Year 2023 started with new goals

Let’s move on to this year. The first month started in a hurry but in a good mood. The goals for 2023 are high, and a lot has already been done in January to achieve them.

The goal, like last year, is to continue developing our work community and workplace culture. Etlia is and wants to continue being a people-oriented company in the future, which will guide what we do and is reflected in all our activities.

“We want to build a very open culture, where all the issues and the basis of decision-making are known to all etlians”, Juuso Maijala sums up.

The number of Etlia’s personnel is also intended to increase, which of course is also reflected in our business goals. We will also brighten up our brand, which can already be seen in the form of changes in the graphic look on our website. There are also new things to come in Etlia’s offering, and we will release a new service this year. However, we will tell you more about this a little later, so stay tuned!

In the big picture, Etlia’s strategic goals are unchanged, only minor changes were made to them in the strategy update at the end of the year. We want to find skilled data and analytics experts to join us to grow profitably and build Etlia’s recognition.

Unfortunately, the business of many sectors has suffered due to the crises of recent years, and they are also factors for us that should not be ignored. However, the demand for data and data expertise continues and increases every year, so Maijala believes that the growth of the industry will also continue in 2023. He sees the development of our industry in a very positive light, which is why Etlia dares to set high goals.

2023: Etlia’s 10th anniversary

Our company turns 10 years old this year, which will be reflected in many events and perhaps also surprises during the coming year. In honor of the anniversary, we will organize events for both staff and customers. Accordingly, we will celebrate our birthday with a proper birthday party.

The Career Radar coaching program helps to clarify career goals