How we leverage career talks in Etlia

How we leverage career talks in Etlia

Are you tired of traditional development discussions? We have a better solution: our career talks really empower Etlians on their journey to success.

At Etlia, we recognize the power of both technology certifications and soft skills training in shaping individual career paths. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how our career talks focus on our personnel success. This is important for individual career development, our team spirit and our success in customer projects.

Aligning individual career paths

Every Etlian has a career path documented as “Etlia Career Radar”. External career path coaching and guidance are available with 100% confidentiality: what you decide to share during the coaching session remains between you and the coach – and you decide what is shared with the Etlia team. After the guidance, you have a career path defined in two levels: targets in the near future within one year and a scope of five to ten years.

Complementary skill sets

As technology evolves and AI solutions become more sophisticated and easy to use, the importance of soft skills in comparison to hard skills is increasing. Soft skills are the new hard skills! We have agreed that technical certifications and soft skills training are designed to work hand in hand. Soft skills, such as customer relationship management, agile project management, communication skills and human resource skills, play a pivotal role in every consultant’s work at Etlia.

Etlia is a people company. This is our way to ensure that together we have both complementary and uniform skill sets in order to meet the demands of the customer projects we are currently working on.

Strategic selection of tech certifications

In modern data warehousing, there are a lot of competing technologies and vendors. We have together chosen the technologies we pay the most interest in and allocate training. We do not lock into a specific vendor but keep our selection limited.

Consequently, we make an annual plan of certifications, keep track of them and fine-tune the tech certification needs. That’s called “Etlia Team Radar”. The first plan was created together on our trip to Barcelona in October 2023.

In summary, we at Etlia do not just count the number of certifications you have but take a broader view of your career and opportunities within.

Read how Etlia’s Career Radar program works in practice!

In the next blog we will share our practice of Knowledge Sharing, stay tuned!

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