Sharing is caring – and both are important

Sharing is caring – and both are important

The data engineering technologies are constantly evolving and require solid project management skills. Nowadays you need to have a wide, updated knowledge and skills base, including both technical and soft skills.

We have noticed that knowledge sharing is a powerful tool contributing to our personnel development and customer success. In this blog, we will share Etlia’s practice of knowledge and experience sharing.

Efficient knowledge-sharing practices

We share our knowledge on a bi-weekly basis. Subjects are chosen together and there is always room for debate and discussion. Lately, we have been sharing our experiences on OpenAI, data extraction from SAP and features of Data Fabric. We are also going to have a demo of the data pipeline on Databricks with dbt Cloud and we are having a look at the latest and bravest Data Catalog offerings just to name a few in autumn 2023 sessions.

Furthermore, we keep an eye on upcoming online courses, vendor meetings, keynotes and happenings. If there are interesting topics an Etlian will attend and share the results and feedback in our knowledge-sharing sessions.

Experience sharing adds value to Etlians

Not only data pipeline development and technical knowledge are important. We share our experiences and practices about methodologies and agile ways of working as well. Lately, we have shared our thoughts on DevOps management and in December 2023 we are having a presentation and open discussion of our experiences in test automation best practices.

In summary, knowledge sharing is a vital part of our company. Systematic knowledge sharing supports our Career Radar program focusing on individual career development.

Read more about Career Radar program.

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