Raaju Srinivasa Raghavan

Senior Cloud Consultant/Data Engineer

+358 40 724 6600
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10 years of experience in BI tools, enterprise DW, Cloud enabling and Cloud migration with Azure data platform and Snowflake

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An experienced cloud consultant working in the field of Data Engineering, Data warehousing, Analytics and Business Intelligence for more than 9 years. A Microsoft certified Azure Data Engineer and Devops practitioner who has experience in implementing end to end solutions for modern cloud data warehouse for enterprise level using complex data models such as data vault, built metadata driven automated pipelines for cloud integrations and built semantics for business intelligence needs. Also an pre sales expert with bench-marking expertise on major cloud data platforms on AWS, Azure, Snowflake and GCP , I have provided the right architecture suitable for the customer and implemented cost saving techniques and enabled self-service analytics capabilities for the customer.