Values guide Etlia’s daily work

Values guide Etlia’s daily work

Etlia exists for its employees and customers. Our goal is to provide the most talented data professionals with the best environment to develop professionally and help our customers create business value with data. This is the foundation of our culture, which guides our work. Our values show in everything we do, and they have been compiled together with all our colleagues, so it is easy for everyone to adapt to them. Our values are based on four factors that are empowering others, continuous improvement, trustworthiness, and appreciating people.

We empower others

Supporting the members of our community to reach their potential gives us joy. We always strive to be transparent and objective with our clients and colleagues. We foster respect for each other and accountability for our actions. We are proactive and practical when interacting with other people.

We keep improving

Continuous development is the foundation of our work, and we want to be better every day. We are not advocates of any pre-decided agenda, like technology, but strive to come up with the most suitable solution. While not reinventing the wheel, we don’t get stuck in doing things like we always have.

We can be trusted

We are a reliable and trustworthy partner. We commit to the highest standards of expertise and honesty. We create value and superior quality in a professional matter. We say things how they are.

We appreciate people

In the end, people matter – not technology. We treat everyone equally regardless of race, sex, or background. We take care of the work-life balance. We do the right thing.

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