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Etlia in brief

Etlia is a fast-growing data engineering company. We help our customers create business value from data by leveraging major business process platforms and other data sources. Our services cover the full lifecycle of your data solution from design to development, deployment and maintenance. We are known as experts in demanding analytics architectures and implementation roadmaps as well as a truly customer-oriented partner.
Leading companies in their field, such as Ahlstrom, Aidian, Containerships and Metso Outotec rely on our services.

Our experts have on average more than 15 years of experience in data and analytics projects. Our aim is to provide top data and analytics experts the best environment and community for professional growth. Hence we are able to support our international customers create value through modern data and analytics solutions.

Etlia was founded in 2013 and our HQ office located in Espoo, Finland. ​


We create value for our customers from data.

15 years

Our consultants have an average of 15 years of experience in data projects.


More than 40 successful projects and several long-term customer relationships.
About Etlia

Ways of working

We operate in an agile way in closely cooperation with our customers.


We help our customers create business value from data.


We appreciate people, are dependable, empower others, and constantly improve our ways of working.

Etlia’s values guide all our work. Learn more about our values.

Etlia’s story

The strong foundation for Etlia’s growth and development is our expertise in international SAP analytics projects. During our first ten years, we have become a professional in modern analytic technologies operating in central roles in demanding analytics, BI, and data warehousing projects of our client companies.

Etlia Ltd. is founded in the spring of 2013. The founding partners are the Chairman of the Board Juuso Maijala, and CEO Janne Suntinen. In the beginning, the most demanding task is to find a suitable name for the company. The name Etlia comes from the term ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), which was continued with an ending that sounded good to the founders. 

The first international SAP analytics project

Right at the beginning of spring 2013, Etlia grows with one employee and a part shareholder. The company’s operations start rapidly because the first project is immediately gained from Norway. The SAP analytics project aims to develop the maintenance of a large logistics company as a whole and to do predictive maintenance. Etlia soon gets also other analytics projects. At this point, SAP analytics is Etlia’s core competence, in which all the company’s employees are specialized.

Picture of Etlia's timeline

The expertise of several analytics technologies brings new clients

In 2017 Etlia grows with two employees. The new competence expands the analytics operations from SAP analytics to cover a wide range of different analytics technologies. The expansion quickly proves to be a good decision, and the analytics business grows.

2017 is a solid year economically and Etlia gains more direct customers its focus group of large enterprises. The successful year gives a good starting point for future growth and profitability.

Cloud knowhow as a growth driver

In 2018 Etlia’s growth continues, and profitability remains at a good level. Janne Dalin joins Etlia’s board and executive team. In 2019, cloud technology and SAP business in particular grow, and support the company’s profitability. Two new employees join Etlia. Growth and profitability continue to strengthen in the following years, and particularly in cloud technologies.

Development programs and monitoring support the growth strategy

In 2021 Etlia’s strategy work kicks off and high goals are set for growth, market recognition, and operational development. Critical development programs and purposeful monitoring starts. In the spring of 2022 Mikko Koljonen joins Etlia’s board. Etlia’s story continues toward new objectives and project