Etlia is your trusted data engineering partner

We help you gain competitive advantage through data-driven decision making


Stay one step ahead by selecting Etlia Data Engineering as your trusted partner for managing your full data pipeline from any source all the way to your data consumers. 

With us you will turn raw data into valuable insights that improve decision making and drive your business growth.

We can help you obtain tangible business benefits from data-driven decision making by implementing smart solutions that ensure the availability, reliability and accessibility of your critical data in a format best suitable to your organization.

Solutions covering your full data pipeline

Data sources and ecosystems

  1. Best of breed data tools
    Data integrations, ETL, DW automation, data virtualization
  2. Leading cloud platforms
    End to end data pipelines
  3. Modern data platforms
    Data Warehouse, Data Lakehouse, Data Marts
  4. State of the art user interfaces
    Analytics, reporting, API’s

Data consumers

Services for your data solution life cycle

We can help your organization throughout the lifecycle of your data solution from design to development, deployment and maintenance.

Let’s start by assessing your current status, defining any issues, gathering requirements and planning a solid roadmap for your data architecture.

Our senior data engineering experts will design and build a robust solution as well as support you in overall DevOps cycle. After the development project you can rely on our support in monitoring, maintaining and improving your data solution in order to make it a continued success.

Or why not let us take care of your full data pipeline with our Etlia Data Engineering as a Service!

Design Build Operate
Etlia DEaaS – Data Engineering as a Service
Experts and expert teams (data engineers & project managers)
Project deliveries
Audits & assessments
Architecture and roadmap
Business and use case validation

We know leading technologies

At Etlia Data Engineering we are constantly assessing tech market and cherry picking the best technologies to help you to gain business benefits.

Working with leading technologies provides you with access to the latest and most advanced features which improve your business efficiency and productivity.

We can help your organization stay ahead of the game and get a competitive advantage over organizations using outdated technologies!